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Success Stories

Summer Internship 2018

In 2018, there were 3 interns- Manvi Gupta, Rama Raman and Bhavya Sharma. They carried out the tasks set out for them expeditiously and guided by the vision of LASDES, gave a meaningful contribution to society. The three learnt a lot and gained exposure to the realities of the education system and were eager to create a future impact. Rama and Bhavya visited various low-lying areas for the cause of spreading legal awareness and making people aware of their rights and duties, parallely visiting the Mediation centre at the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad. They promoted mediation as a means of alternative dispute resolution that is far more efficient and productive given the lacunae and time-crunching and expensive nature of the conventional legal system.

Manvi Gupta, on the other hand, helped in the development of the organization’s website content which is before you in all its glory. She also carried out research and collected information that was pertinent for the future development of the NGO. She visited the DIOS (District Inspector of Schools) and extracted information as to how many senior-secondary level government schools ( having class 11th and 12th) are functioning in the district. She used RTI for this purpose.